Every selling situation requires a personalized, unique selling solution.


We're different because we provide direct individual service to every client. 

We consider your specific needs and convenience in addition to the marketability of your property in order to determine the marketing plan that will give you the best result.


We're different because we are not bound by exclusive contracts.

 We won't sell your property through just one or two means, but instead assess our broad field of buyers and auction houses to sell through exactly the right channels.


We're different because we have the expertise of a network of appraisers ensuring the true value of your unique items are recognized. 

We give attention to each particular item as opposed to throwing them into general lots with little to no research executed. 


Ready to get started?

Call or text us at +1 850.583.3000, any time. You can also e-mail us at info@oldfields.gallery. Include high quality photos for us to assist to the best of our ability. E-mail us for a brief how-to of the kinds of photos needed.